Makeup Beauty Kit

Makeup creates a ton of waste. Once you’re done with a favorite item, you typically throw the whole contraption away and buy a new one because there’s no way to refill it. We also tend to overindulge, buying entire eyeshadow palettes for a few shades or wanting to try every new thing that comes out. 

More and more brands are making it possible to refill certain items and are introducing the idea of “capsule collections.” So instead of owning every color eyeshadow and lipstick under the sun, you have just a few that you actually use and that can be mixed and matched.

Billion Dollar Beauty makes capsule collections easy. The inexpensive case includes a magnetic tray and a mirror that doubles as a lid—it has a hinge on the back, too, so you can prop it up. You might want to gift a few pieces, like blush or a highlighter. All the makeup is housed in metal pans that stick to the magnetic tray. And they’re super cheap at just $4 each.

The line is more expensive, as Elate’s hard packaging is made of bamboo, but it’s still affordable. Plus, all the paper packaging is made from wildflower seed paper envelopes that can be planted. I also love the company’s Perfectly Imperfect collection.

If we all went to a spa once a month and got pampered, we’d be forever glowing and eternally relaxed. Unfortunately, that’s an expensive and time-consuming luxury. The Foreo UFO Smart Mask isn’t cheap either, but it can offer your giftee a similar spa experience in the comfort of their home. It adds heat, cryotherapy, vibrations, and LED lights to the traditional sheet mask experience, increasing blood flow and circulation in the face and feeling oh-so-good in the process.

Make sure to buy a set of masks for them to use it with (they’ll need to buy more when they run out). The H2Overdose ($20) and Call It a Night ($10) masks are safe bets if you’re unsure what they like.

This strange-looking gadget is a high-frequency wand often seen in professional facials, but they’re safe for home use if used properly. New York esthetician Joi Lin Tynes says high-frequency machines use an alternating current to produce heat, and the electrode emits argon gas—the orange light at the tip—which creates a germicidal response on the skin. This purportedly stimulates circulation, killing acne by oxygenating the skin, and could help with wound healing.

After limiting my use to two to three times a week, I saw a promising difference. Deep zits had shorter life spans, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the device shrink a broken capillary on my face (though it didn’t disappear). It’s no cure for acne, but it may help reduce inflammation. High-frequency machines shouldn’t be used if the gift recipient is pregnant, uses a pacemaker, or has high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Everyone can use a Caboodle. That’s probably not a phrase you expected to read in 2021, but they’re just as cute and useful as they were in the ’90s. If there’s anyone in your life—adult or teen—whose makeup collection (or craft supplies, tools, etc.) is taking over their bedroom floor, gift them one of these. 

Caboodle has a ton of great options, including a super-pink, ’90’s chic case. There are a few more grown-up options, too, if you don’t think they would want something that bright.

Makeup Beauty Kit

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